GALLERY ETHER is excited to announce the opening of their year-end group exhibition CONVERGENCE, featuring artists Siv Storøy (Norway), Jeff Stevens (USA), Charles Saylor (USA), Duane Knight (USA), and Jeannie Randall (Hawai’i) to be held from November 27th (Fri) 2020 until January 8th (Fri), 2021.

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GALLERY ETHER is pleased to announce the opening of their autumn exhibition ISOLATE, featuring printmaking legend Charles Cohan, to be held from October 09th (Fri) until November 13th (Fri), 2020.

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TOUKAKU / Reopening Announcement

We’re happy to announce that after quarantining for the month of August all members of GALLERY ETHER are now clear to resume their duties. And so, we will be reopening the gallery for our two-person exhibition, “TOUKAKU” featuring Okinawan artists DENPA and akira on Tuesday, September 1st! We’re looking forward to seeing you again.

Note: masks, hand sanitation, and temperature checks will be required for entry into the gallery. We thank you in advance for your compliance.

by Gallery ETHER

“TOUKAKU” Update of Postponement

Given the recent circumstances, we at GALLERY ETHER have decided to continue the postponement of our two-person exhibition, “TOUKAKU” until further notice. 

The team member who, as reported earlier, was diagnosed with heat exhaustion on August 13th and subsequently given a PCR test that same day was found to be positive for the novel coronavirus. Fortunately, as we were in our installation period for our next exhibition, this individual had no contact with gallery guests during this time. Additionally, all of our team members are completing their periods of self-isolation this week and have been cleared to thereafter return to the world.

In accordance with GALLERY ETHER’s policy to prioritize the safety of our guests and staff we have decided to take additional time to be sure everyone is 100 percent safe and to fully sterilize the gallery itself. Therefore, we will over the course of the next few days be deciding a new opening date for our two-person exhibition, “TOUKAKU”.

GALLERY ETHER remains committed to our mission of encouraging people to join the discussion and celebration of all things art, while never compromising our policy to always put safety first. We look forward to seeing you soon!

by Gallery ETHER

“TOUKAKU” Notice of Temporary Postponement

In these uncertain times, we at GALLERY ETHER continue to keep safety as our top priority. It has come to our attention that a member of our team has possibly been exposed to the novel coronavirus in the time between exhibitions. The team member has consulted a physician and is suspected to be exhibiting symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration. However, as a precaution, they have also been tested for coronavirus, and unfortunately the results will not be delivered before tomorrow’s scheduled exhibition opening. Because of this we have decided to postpone the exhibition opening until the test results have been received and we can confirm that it is completely safe to welcome guests back into the gallery space. We will be announcing our new opening date shortly. Thanks for your understanding.

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GALLERY ETHER, located in Nishiazabu, is pleased to announce the opening of their sophomore exhibition TOUKAKU, featuring Okinawan artists akira and DENPA, to be held from August 14th (Fri) until September 25th (Fri), 2020.

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GALLERY ETHER, located in Nishiazabu, will open in June 2020. For its debut exhibition IN BLOOM, featuring Erik Formoe, Charles Cohan, Huy Lam, Chiharu Roach, Ali Roudabush, and Tanner Wilson, to be held from June 26th (Fri) until July 31st (Fri), 2020.

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