GALLERY ETHER is excited to announce “Grey Sparkle”, a new solo exhibition by award-winning German visual artist Pia Kintrup (b.1988), to be held from Saturday, July 8th through Saturday, July 29th, 2023. 

Award-winning German artist Pia Kintrup’s work is more visual exploration than it is photography. Though she received her Masters of Arts in photographic studies and practice from Folkwang University of Arts, Germany in 2017, her practice quickly and distinctly evolved to encompass more than just photography. Now, investigating new media and materials, her work ranges from photography to sculpture and installation, with each taking its place like an individual point on a net, she explores ideas of emptiness, connection, constructs, control, conflict and the spaces in between.

In “Grey Sparkle”, Kintrup’s first solo exhibition in Japan and with GALLERY ETHER, the specific qualities and characteristics of photographic materials are investigated and explored through a process of evolving experimentation. The 125 selected images on display were produced entirely through experimental analog methods in the artist’s darkroom, without the use of cameras, negatives, or digital sensors. Through the use of non-traditional light sources, exposure techniques, and chemical processes, the questions are posed, “In what sense does photography exist? Where does it begin, and where does it end?” The results sit somewhere between conceptual and aesthetic, like abstract sketches that will evoke thought without revealing the whole story.


Pia Kintrup

Pia Kintrup, a German artist (b.1988), graduated from Folkwang University of Arts in Germany with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, specifically in photography. She then went to study M.A. Photography studies and practice in the same university in 2017, graduating with a Master of Arts. She has been awarded the 2019 13th International Arte Laguna Prize, winner of special prize, “Photolux Festival” in Venice, Italy, and the 2019 Excellence Award, International Artist Award at Art Next Expo in Hong Kong. She has held countless exhibitions around Europe, and also a few in Asia, Canada, and the USA.

Pia Kintrup’s research investigates new media and materials, ranging from photography to sculpture. Transformational processes, value, emptiness and abundance, and photographic steps of transition are essential for her artwork.