Alex Face and MUEBON have been powerhouses in the international street art scene for more than a decade, continually recontextualizing their instantly recognizable characters to pose questions that reflect on the issues of our times. Close friends and collaborators, the artists initially set out to provoke thought and make art accessible within their community through the creation of publicly visible street artworks. Cleverly maneuvering through the public space with pieces ranging in concept from delicate personal introspection to scathing political commentary, they have long since grown beyond their native Bangkok to achieve worldwide notoriety. Their public works and gallery exhibitions have appeared in Melbourne, Seoul, London, Venice, Chicago, Tokyo, Taipei, and Oslo to name a few.

In Desolated Vacation, Alex Face and MUEBON return to Tokyo with new series of paintings that weave emotion and symbolism to explore themes of solitude and isolation in our current time. A theme underscored by the absence of the artists, unable to travel to Tokyo on account of the ongoing pandemic.


Alex Face

Alex Face is a Thai graffiti artist who maneuvers in public space to provoke thought from city dwellers. His significant fame came in 2009 after becoming father to his daughter, Mardi. Concerned about the coming world in which she will live, Alex introduced the character of a three-eyed child dressed in a ragged rabbit suit inspired by her. Sometimes appearing with her eyes closed, she gives passerby's a sense of weary vulnerability and wry looks.

  • Born in 1981 in Chachoengsao, Thailand
  • Lives and works in Bangkok


MUEBON has steadily built his reputation as one of Asia’s most prolific street artists since graduating as a fine artist in 2005. From Chiang Rai to Yala and around the world his trademark characters have appeared along road sides, on shop shutters, in collaborations including the opening of the Moscow World Cup 2018 and with well-known brands such as Hermes, in exhibitions, and just about any surface shown to him in the USA, Australia, Russia, the UK, Norway, Singapore, and so on.

MUEBON’s style and ability to translate his street work into incredibly detailed and vibrant gallery paintings, sculptures and installations, sets him apart from many other Street Artists, and puts him at the forefront of Asian Street art.

  • 1999 Applied Art, Areshevatonbure Campus.
  • 2005 Painting, Rajamangala Institute of Technology Bangkok University (Pra-Na-Khon-Tai, with Honors)