GALLERY ETHER, located in Nishiazabu, is pleased to announce the opening of their sophomore exhibition TOUKAKU, featuring Okinawan artists akira and DENPA, to be held from August 14th (Fri) until September 25th (Fri), 2020.

From opposite ends of the burgeoning Okinawan art scene, artists akira and DENPA come together to strengthen their presence with their Tokyo debut, TOUKAKU (which means Distinguishing Oneself). 

akira’s work takes on existential questions by delving into the forlorn and empty expressions of his subjects with the artist’s own blend of deconstructed and impressionistic styles, while DENPA explores shared experience and the patterns of life through heavily textured abstract imagery, mixing random chance with a set of certain self-imposed rules.



Okinawa based artist DENPA seeks to explore life's patterns through his heavily textured abstract expressions, allowing his hands to freely explore and create what he feels. Whether through his studio pieces, large scale public mural works, or his own gallery endeavor, Stock Room Gallery Koza, he always moves to build community through shared visual experience.

  • 1983 Born in Okinawa
  • Ryukyu University, English Education
  • Bunka Fashion College, Graduate Program


Undisclosed by request of the artist.