Gonchan’s first solo exhibition in Japan embraces playfulness, humour and a scant regard for conformity encouraging one’s inner child to emerge. His renowned Fuji Rock Festival painted rock creations will be featured alongside limited edition screen prints, cut-outs, mobiles, digital art, projections and a gigantic 6x1.5 m print, an interactive artwork for visitors to draw and colour in.

Outsider artist Robert Gordon McHarg III is Gonchan. He says: “I feel Gonchan is my alter ego, a 21st century nomadic caveman artist, that allows me to connect with people through a primordial art form. My time in Japan has taught me a lot and I will always be grateful for this”.

McHarg has painted rocks in Naeba as part of the FRF art programme since creating them in 2006. These artworks have become iconic mascots, emblematic of the creative spirit and inclusive nature of the festival. Under McHarg’s careful eye, rocks and boulders of all sizes are imbued with immediate presence, transformed from the ordinary to the unique. Each rock assumes its own identity, defined by its shape and form as if implied by nature. Through the positioning of the eyes and the detail and attitude of the gaze, rocks are metamorphosed from passive and generic objects to active and inclusive characters. His work is immediately recognisable, has universal appeal and a commanding presence. To date over 10,000 Gonchan rocks have been created worldwide.

McHarg became Smash London FRF art director in 1997, the year Fuji Rock Festival began thanks to the invaluable support of his long time friend and mentor Masahiro Hidaka founder of Smash Corp.

Also on show a selection of RGM satirical, sarcastic, sociopolitical conceptual text based statements pieces, like “What Am I Gonna Do Now?” and “Speech Bubbles : Don’t let artists put words in your mouth”. McHarg’s collaboration with Jonny Stopford produced a new mesmerizing Gonchan kaleidoscopic projection. Visual collages and reels will illustrate RGM’s archival history and past exhibitions as “Je Me Souviens Gordon”, based on his childhood drawings, while Dif & Dang symbolise the lifelong collaboration with his son, graffiti/ tagger artist Difer. “Made in England” the new - made for the exhibition – cut- out artwork proudly takes centre stage with its 4.20 m length.

Gonchan debuts on the web and social media with #gonchanart and gonchanart.com, asking the question: “where are the 10.000 Gonchan rocks living now?” creating an interactive global map for people to post, share and show their adopted Gonchan home.

LOOK @ ME NOW! curated by Alejandra Niño with the artist, celebrates McHarg’s Wood Dragon KANREKI this year, representing his art journey up till now and a new beginning.


Gonchan aka Robert Gordon McHarg III

Robert Gordon McHarg III is a London-based outsider artist and curator, as well as the founder of the Subway Gallery in London and the longstanding art director of the Fuji Rock Festival.