GALLERY ETHER is pleased to announce “Imaginary Universe”, the Japan debut solo-exhibition of Bogotá-based artist Ana Elisa Fernández to be held in collaboration with ARCOT (ARTISTAS COLOMBIANOS EN TOKIO) from Saturday, April 15th through Saturday, May 6th, held in collaboration.

The work of Colombian artist Ana Elisa Fernández reflects on the interaction of humans with their environment and peers, drawing on everyday themes to evoke perception and feeling in the face of reality. In “Imaginary Universe” the artist presents work from 4 interrelated series that draw on her experiences since childhood, through her earlier work as a fashion designer, and now in her practice as an artist. Each piece is like a dot that moves through time, creating the threads that she weaves into the fabric of her reality, integrating all of her past experiences into a navigational tool for the future. In this collection of work, the artist poses a challenge to the imagination of both herself and the viewer. She combines naturalistic detail and narrative with surreal and dreamlike elements, creating a sense of Magical Realism and inviting you to enter her “Imaginary Universe”, where things are not always what they appear to be.


Ana Elisa Fernández

Born in Columbia, Ana Elisa Elisa Fernández later studied fashion design at the Marangoni Institute in Italy, drawing in the workshop of master David Manzur, as well as drawing and color theory with instructor Miguel Moyano.

Her work takes inspiration from life experiences, starting with her first adventures as a child playing in her mother’s fabric factory, continuing through her time as a designer, and now into her current art practice. She has participated in a number of exhibitions both in her home of Columbia and abroad, receiving numerous awards. She lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.