GALLERY ETHER is excited to announce the opening of their year-end group exhibition CONVERGENCE, featuring artists Siv Storøy (Norway), Jeff Stevens (USA), Charles Saylor (USA), Duane Knight (USA), and Jeannie Randall (Hawai’i) to be held from November 27th (Fri) 2020 until January 8th (Fri), 2021. *Closed for Winter Holidays, December 25th - January 5th

As 2020 approaches its conclusion as one of the strangest years in recent history GALLERY ETHER presents CONVERGENCE, a new five-person group exhibition examining varied concepts of “coming together”.

The work of Siv Storøy uses traditional as well as digital methods to weave a seemingly mystical visual vocabulary into folktale-like narratives reminiscent of her home coast of northern Norway, while Colorado based mixed-media artist Jeff Stevens takes a rather contrary approach, challenging and deconstructing the polished imagery of modern advertising with a signature blend of collage, stencil, and painting techniques. The paintings of Charles Saylor juxtapose stark archaic imagery with a cryptic modern symbolism to examine social complexities, often incorporating icons of antiquity, religion, fetish, and anatomy. In contrast, the gentle and vibrant paintings of Duane Knight seemingly suspend their audience somewhere between dreamscapes and memories of innocence. Finally, the work of Jeannie Randall seeks to utilize but soften the bold graphics of propaganda, advertising, and theater posters, inviting curiosity and empathic responses from her viewers.


Charles Saylor

Charles Saylor grew up in Panama City, Florida and began working in mixed-media collage while obtaining a degree in biochemistry from Florida State University. He started focusing more upon acrylics and ink during time studying medicine in the United Kingdom, Caribbean, and Brooklyn, New York. His work often attempts to blend, juxtapose minimalistic, archaic western imagery with the complexity and frivolity of global capitalism in our current time. He currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida where he also works as a medical doctor.

  • 2008 BS in Biochemistry, Florida State University. Tallahassee, Florida
  • 2010 Higher Medical Education in Medical Science, Northumbria University. New Castle, U.K
  • 2016 Doctor of Medicine, St. George’s University. True Blue, Grenada, West Indies

Duane Knight

Duane Knight is a multi-material artist living in Mobile, Alabama. His current work gently weaves vibrant, child-like imagery into complex compositions that seemingly suspend the viewer somewhere between dreamscapes and memories of innocence, reflecting both on the self and the interconnectivity of being.

  • 1981 Born in Birmingham, Alabama

Jeannie Randall

Jeannie Randall is from the islands of Hawaii and has studied art in Paris, Italy, Bali, and India. Her award winning work in print media often focuses on earthly emotion, weaving softness into the stark and abrupt, at once comforting and incisive, maybe eliciting a response of pleasure without permission.

  • 2004 B.A., World Religion. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Magna Cum Laude, USA
  • 2005 Post-Baccalaureate, Studio Art. Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art, France

Jeff Stevens

Jeff Stevens is a Denver-based multimedia artist and co-founder of the Los Angeles street art collective KAMP. Stevens continues to work commercially designing high-profile film posters, influencing such major marketing campaigns as Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and Marvel’s Avengers. Stevens has set out to deconstruct and rework the high-gloss aesthetics of contemporary marketing design, calling into question the effects of our collective complacence and willing participation in the perpetuation and fetishization of the unattainable standards put forth by marketing media.

  • 2007 Woodbury University, BFA in Graphic Design

Siv Storøy

Siv Storøy is a contemporary graphic artist and illustrator based in Hamar, Norway. She thinks of her work as a form of visual storytelling; influenced and inspired by her background on the coast of Northern Norway, a region known for its many myths and folktales.

  • 1998-00 MI, Oslo (Graphic Design &Illustration)
  • 2002-03 MI, Oslo (Mac-design)
  • 2003-04 Nuovo Accedemia di Belle Arti, Milan (Fine Art)
  • 2004-07 Vika School of Arts, Norway (Fine Art)