In his debut solo-exhibition “CONSOLE COWBOY” Tokyo-based American multidisciplinary artist Jason Scuderi presents the audience with a fantastic and immersive experience that drifts somewhere between digital and physical, transforming the gallery space with a hypnotic collection of sound, light, and post-photography cowboys inspired by William Gibson's groundbreaking cyberpunk novel ‘Neuromancer.’ The term "CONSOLE COWBOY" describes the futuristic computer hackers who navigate cyberspace via neural input peripherals and software. The icon of the cowboy is transformed and reimagined as these new cowboys shed the confines of their physical selves to manifest new digital identities, mirroring the Wild West ideology of renegades embracing a new frontier.


Jason Scuderi

Jason Scuderi is a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist, designer, and director based in Tokyo. As a Creative/Art Director he has collaborated with globally recognized brands including; Reebok, Nike, Mikimoto, Chanel, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and the NBA.