When I was 15 years old, a huge rift appeared in my life. From that day on, my life as a sexual assault survivor began. Now I am strongly asserting my existence and appealing to the hope and despair of living as a woman. “I am here.” This is my voice and my work.

My expressions are diverse, but I mainly use photography and paintings. The photos include self-portraits, ones that focus on women, and everyday scenes that directly express "I am here." The paintings are drawn from the heart, recording the repeated survival of one's own emotional pain, hope and despair, and convey that the changes are an expression of the survivor's pain.

The pain of discrimination against women in society is not mine alone, and I believe that the appeal of "I am here" is the appeal of everyone who has experienced pain. I hope that my work will resonate and help others.


  • Born in Tokyo
  • Female