Colombian artist and curator Joan Mantilla first embarked on his artistic journey while working in New York City’s renowned Chelsea, Manhattan art district, immersing himself in his initial forays into collage and graffiti, while also working with and supporting local artists in the city.

Presently, Mantilla plays pivotal roles in two prominent art ventures. The first is “We Art Colombia”, an art initiative conceived in New York City to spotlight the talents of Latin artists working within the bustling metropolis. The second is “BeatBop Gallery”, a gallery establishment founded by Mantilla to act as a cultural and artistic hub in the San Felipe neighborhood of Bogotá.

In his roles as an artist and curator, Mantilla extends his reach internationally to act as a bridge that connects artists and fosters collaboration. His current work is focused in Bogotá, New York, and Tokyo, metropolises that he believes are catalysts for profound transformation and meaningful change in the world.

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